About Mehregan Cultural Foundation

Mehrgan Cultural Foundation is a non-political, non-ideological and non-profit organization which has been established in1995 in
San Diego California.

  • To create solidarity and genuine relationship in the American Persian community regardless of race, class and ideological differences.
  • To provide an open atmosphere for intellectual communication and exchange in educational, scientific and cultural avenues.
  • To preserve and promote Iranian cultural heritage through improving solidarity and connection between Iranians.

All Mehregan expenses are covered by the following financial resources:

  • Donations of members and programs’ attendees.
  • Ticket sales for national and cultural celebration parties.
  • Pre-sale of 10 seminar tickets by financial supporters.
  • Ticket sales for annual seminars.
  • Selling books, DVDs and CDs.

Main Events

Mehregan Foundation Celebrates Main Cultural Events Every Year in San Diego

Norouz Event

March 2020
More Information Coming Soon

Mehregan Event

October 2019
More Information
Coming Soon

Yalda Event

December 2019
More Information
Coming Soon